Special Issue on
Springer Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP) Journal

Final Publication (Volume 76, Issue 4, February 2017)

Guest Editorial
by Britta Meixner, Rene Kaiser, Joscha Jäger, Wei Tsang Ooi, and Harald Kosch


  • Interactive Web-based Hypermedia Coordination
    by Augusto Celentano

  • Interactive Video Search Tools: A Detailed Analysis of the Video Browser Showdown 2015
    by Claudiu Cobârzan, Klaus Schöffmann, Werner Bailer, Wolfgang Hürst, Adam Blažek, Jakub Lokoč, Stefanos Vrochidis, Kai Uwe Barthel, and Luca Rossetto

  • Co-Present and Remote Audience Experiences: Intensity and Cohesion
    by Erik Geelhoed, Kuldip Singh-Barmi, Ian Biscoe, Pablo Cesar, Jack Jansen, Chen Wang, and Rene Kaiser

  • Personalized Presentation Annotations Using Optical HMDs
    by Wyko Rijnsburger and Sven Kratz

  • Video Processing for Panoramic Streaming Using HVEC and its Scalable Extensions
    by Yago Sanchez de la Fuente, Robert Skupin, and Thomas Schierl

  • Social Experiences within the Home Using Second Screen TV Applications
    by Jeroen Vanattenhoven and David Geerts

  • Extending Multimedia Languages to Support Multimodal User Interactions
    by Álan Livio Vasconcelos Guedes, Roberto Gerson de Albuquerque Azevedo, and Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa

  • WanderCouch - A Smart TV Approach Towards Experiencing Music Festivals Live from the Living Room
    by Maarten Wijnants, Gustavo Rovelo, Peter Quax, and Wim Lamotte

  • Academic Methods for Usability Evaluation of Serious Games: A Systematic Review
    by Rosa Yáñez-Gómez, Daniel Cascado-Caballero, and José-Luis Sevillano

Call for Papers

(Submissions are closed)

http://static.springer.com/sgw/documents/1537373/application/pdf/SpecialMTAPIssueInteractiveMultimediaDeadlines.pdf (PDF)
All papers should be full journal length versions (18 - 30 pages) and follow the MTAP guidelines.

Guest Editors

Britta Meixner, FX Palo Alto Laboratory
Joscha Jäger, Merz Akademie Stuttgart
Wei Tsang Ooi, National University of Singapore
Harald Kosch, University of Passau